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Have lived in a house my father grew up in for 33 years. Dad passed then mother years later, called Marlin Zook Agency in Dalton explaining that the house was to become mine when the estate was settled. Almost three years passed and when the estate settled, called and got a quote to insure the house, good untill 9-17-2012. In the mean time Mr zook showed up unannounced to reinspect the property. On friday 9-14-2012 at 3:30 pm the agency called and stated that they would not insure the house they had insured for over 30 years, because the siding in the rear of the house was bad along the bottem of the wall. The policy the estate had would expire the next day Saturday 9-15-2012.

Their anwser was that they would put my name on the estate policy of my mother whom had expired 3 years before. No claims except when lightning blew up the fax and telephones 10 years ago or so, really dont know if my renters picked that up or Western Reserve, in any case was a minor claim. I question if putting my name on a policy of my long dead mother would not be concidered fraud should the house burn down.

Seems as there are other companys who will write coverage at higher levels for less cost. After looking at other Quotes the house was only insured for about 1/3 of its worth. God does work in strange ways. stay away from these people!

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